How To Promote Your YouTube Channel: 14 Ways to Get the Job Done

In order to improve and recommend videos to consumers, YouTube has emphasized a number of different criteria throughout time. These three factors—click-through rate (CTR), audience retention, and watch time—determine whether or not your video is sent to the appropriate audience in light of the most recent change.

In this article, we’ll look at 14 ways to promote your YouTube channel to not only get more views but also more subscribers.

14 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel to Get More Views and Subscribers

There are two vital elements that are important whenever one intends to grow their channel. These elements are retention time and clickthrough rate. The percentage of people that viewed your thumbnail and selected it to view your video is indicated by the click-through rate. As an illustration, if your thumbnail’s click-through rate is 8 per cent, it indicates that out of every 100 individuals who viewed it, 8 people chose to click on it and see the video.

– Retention is the proportion of viewers who keep watching your video beyond the first 25 seconds. An audience retention statistic is used by YouTube to track this. Go to the video analytics to examine it for each video.

– The length of time viewers spend watching your video, measured in minutes, is known as watch time.

Here are the ways you can promote your YouTube channel to get more views and subscribers.

1. Improve the profile of your YouTube channel.

A compelling profile is a fantastic method to get more traffic to your YouTube channel, improve SEO, and let potential subscribers know what to anticipate.

The reader should be able to infer from your profile description what value you will offer them. Giving your viewers a purpose to subscribe to your channel over the numerous other alternatives they have can help you establish social trust. The last step is to inform your audience of when to anticipate fresh updates from you. It could be once or twice a week or as you may deem necessary.

Below your profile description, you must also provide your contact information, such as an email address or social media handles. There is also room for you to include links to your website, an online store, or other resources you want people to visit. When someone stumbles onto your YouTube channel either by suggestion or referral, this may also help you gain additional followers.

2. Conduct keyword research first.

Your titles, content, and description may all be optimized with the use of keywords to help your videos appear higher in Google and YouTube search results. Given how much material is being produced on YouTube, getting a high position in search is essential if you want people to find your videos.

Start with a YouTube search while conducting your keyword research. Enter the subject you want to make a video on, and YouTube will provide the most popular search phrases associated with it. These are all keywords that can develop into possible subjects. These inform you of the most popular search phrases, allowing you to modify your content accordingly.

One thing to keep in mind is that using long-tail keywords as the foundation of your search is always preferable. This raises your likelihood of ranking. Therefore, statements and questions produce better keywords. 

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However, sometimes employing the YouTube search engine alone is insufficient to outperform the opposition. It is crucial to use a specialist tool like VIDIQ that records keywords and analyzes their potential for YouTube. After registering for the tool, you may add a browser extension. In addition to providing data on search traffic, it also uses a scoring system to let you know how competitive your phrase is and how likely it is to rank on YouTube.

3. Find related YouTube material.

This phase almost feels like a logical continuation of keyword research. You need to spend some time watching the material that is already ranked for your keyword by searching for it on YouTube and Google. Why? Because doing so will help you see content and quality deficiencies as well as get a sense of what is appealing to the audience.

You must evaluate the videos critically and offer suggestions on how you believe they may be improved. Continue your investigation by looking at the comments’ area to find out what their target audience had to say. There is a ton of input regarding what the crowd liked and didn’t like, as well as what they were anticipating.

4. Produce retention-focused videos

One of the three crucial indicators that the YouTube algorithm considers when determining whether to distribute your video to newer viewers is retention. Now, there are a number of variables that influence retention, including the video’s substance and presentation.

In order to make sure your videos are tailored for audience retention, pay close attention to the following:

Prior to filming, create a script to help you weed out the details that the viewers won’t find useful while keeping the rest.

As soon as your screenplay is complete, you start filming and creating your content. You must be sure that the equipment you’re using enables you to record video and audio in high-definition and without background noise. Ensure proper illumination as well. Your audience’s perception of your video and its mood and tone are influenced by the lighting. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a lighting setup. Befriend natural light if you can.

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After you’ve finished recording, you must edit your video for clarity, retention, and engagement by importing your clips into an editor.

5. Make clickable thumbnails

The most crucial element in influencing your click-through rate is your thumbnail because it is the first thing a user sees before deciding to click on and watch your video.

To make sure your thumbnail stands out, consider the following:

– Examine the thumbnails of videos that are ranking for your search. This will help you determine what is and isn’t functioning. The goal now is to produce thumbnails that not only adhere to the topic but also differentiate themselves from the ones that are presently ranked.

6. Keep your headings succinct but appealing.

Your title is the second most crucial factor in determining your CTR after your thumbnail. Simply said, people won’t click on your video if they don’t find your title intriguing enough.

Since it influences the substance of your film, choosing a title should ideally come first after conducting keyword research. The term you wish to rank for should ideally be in your title. But even more crucial than that is for the title to evoke a feeling that the audience can relate to their industry’s pain issue.

7. Respect the community guidelines on YouTube.

YouTube’s community guidelines have grown increasingly rigorous, and it has begun flagging channels and removing content that doesn’t comply. This is due to the growing population of users who are under the age of 18 and advertisers who don’t want their adverts to appear next to offensive content.

According to a recent Statista analysis, YouTube removed tens of millions of videos in 2021 alone because they did not adhere to community standards.

Make careful to read and abide by YouTube’s community standards; otherwise, your videos risk being reported, removed from YouTube’s recommendation function, and prohibited due to excessive complaints.

8. Produce a series of videos

Keeping viewers engaged in lengthier videos is one of the major issues that producers confront. This is due to the fact that, in addition to having short attention spans, many viewers are there with a specific goal in mind, and after they have their information, they are likely to leave.

So instead of making one huge video that covers everything, break up your material into several smaller ones that can be easily transitioned from one to the next. This will not only help you keep more of your audience watching, but it will also make it look more credible when viewers keep watching your videos and other stuff on YouTube.

9. Including videos in a playlist

The simplest method in the book to lengthen watch time is to use playlists. They enable you to create playlists by grouping together videos that are complementary or similar. Therefore, the next video in the queue will immediately start playing when someone starts viewing a video from your playlist, keeping them on the site and significantly increasing your watch time.

10. Employ YouTube Premiere.

You may schedule your next video on YouTube Premiere so that your audience can watch it alongside you when it debuts. This allows you to interact with your audience while they are watching your first video as well as inform them when your next one is coming up.

Choose a day and time for your YouTube Premiere when your audience is most engaged (you will find this in your analytics). In this first encounter, you will get a wealth of information about your audience’s preferences, and if you receive positive feedback, YouTube will be prompted to recommend your video to other viewers, boosting your probability of a greater click-through rate.

11. Keep viewers watching by using end screens

End screens are one of the numerous options available on YouTube to help you extend your viewing time. End screens will aid in retaining viewers for your videos. The end screen gives you the opportunity to lead your viewers to the subsequent video they should view or perhaps a playlist they should explore. Not only that, but you can also include a subscription button that website visitors may click on straight to get more of your material.

12. Analyze your analytics

Double down on what’s working while making changes to what isn’t if you want to thrive on YouTube. There are enough statistics and audience data available on YouTube to assist you to tailor your content to the user’s purpose. Everything is there for you to discover, from demographics that may help you determine the average age of your audience to more informative statistics like retention, which reveals the segments of the video that viewers paid the greatest attention to and those that bored them and ultimately caused drop-offs. All of these metrics may be seen in the YouTube Studio.  

13. Collaborate with other YouTube channels.

YouTube producers frequently appear in videos on other channels whose material complements their own. This is a fantastic method to cross-promote your channel and connect with more users in your target audience.

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Make sure to cooperate with other creators that have the same skill as you do or seek out a creator who has successfully grown their YouTube channel quickly, regardless of their topic, if you are producing videos on how to quickly build your YouTube channel.

14. Use different venues to publicize your channel

You have several options on social media to promote your YouTube channel. Links to your top-performing videos can also be embedded in your bio.

Let’s examine how to use your social media to market your YouTube channel:

(a.) Twitter

To let your Twitter followers, know what you do on YouTube and how you might benefit them, publish links to your best-performing videos or even a call out for your channel.

(b.) Facebook

You can embed YouTube video links on Facebook, so don’t forget to post your best-performing videos with a call-to-action encouraging people to subscribe to your channel for more information.

You may also post links to your YouTube channel and your videos in Facebook groups where you participate, but be sure to include a compelling caption that explains why viewers should watch your videos.


Although YouTube growth is a process, following this advice can only speed it up. If you’re just getting started on YouTube, you should check out this collection of YouTube ideas from the most popular channels, and you should bookmark this in-depth tutorial on how to create a YouTube video.

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