How to Make Money on Fiverr: A Guide to Earning Between $3,000 and $6,000 Every Month on Fiverr

How to Make Money on Fiverr: A Guide to Earning Between $3,000 and $6,000 Every Month on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where many business seekers and business employers converge to give and take work. And if you are looking to get started with Fiverr, to secure just the base pay, then you have come to the right place! The rudimental aspects of Fiverr and how you can get started with it as soon as possible are explained. Check out having a constant stream of passive income via Fiverr on a daily basis as shown in the image below. You can achieve that!

how to make money on fiverr

There is no doubt that the Internet is extremely useful and goes beyond helping us seek information and connect with friends and loved ones. We can now earn a living through the Internet, provided we go about it the right way. There are many ways in which you can make money online, such as through affiliate marketing, setting up online shops, and blogging to mention but a few. But none of them is as efficient as having a Gig on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that allows people to pursue their passion and find work based on their skills.

Table of Contents

  • Fiverr
  • How to Register on Fiverr?
  • Can a sustainable business be built on Fiverr?
  • What to do to start earning between $3 and 6k every month on Fiverr:
  1. Logo Design
  2. Sell eBooks
  3. Video Testimony
  4. Written Product Reviews
  5. Physical Product Reviews
  6. Do Silly PR Stuff
  7. Monetize Your Hidden Talents
  8. Guest Blog
  9. Critique Others
  10. SEO
  11. Build A Website for Your Buyer
  12. Sell Premade sites
  13. Sell brandable reports
  14. Design eBooks Covers
  15. Compose
  16. Create Cartoons
  17. Video Blog Review
  18. Make a physical product
  19. Beta Test
  20. Debug
  21. Be an Authority
  22. Be A Geek
  23. Retouch Photos
  24. Set Up Facebook Company or Fan Pages
  25. Develop Resumes
  26. Sell Memberships
  27. Provide Professional Services
  28. Broadcast to Your Social Network
  29. Clone your gigs
  30. Freelance/Content Writing
  31. Voice Overs
  1. Who can use Fiverr?
  2. How does Fiverr work?
  3. Who can register with Fiverr?
  4. How much can I make from Fiverr?
  5. What duration does it take to complete a gig on Fiverr?
  6. Does competition exist on Fiverr?
  7. Should I quit my day job for it?
  8. What DO you need most to be successful on Fiverr?
  9. Where can I Advertise and Find Customers to Promote Fiverr Gigs?
  10. How can pricing, schemes and customer reviews be achieved on Fiverr?
  11. Why do ratings/ reviews matter on Fiverr?
  12. Can the review be changed once completed?
  13. Can you cancel an order on Fiverr?
  14. Are there Rivals on Fiverr?
  15. How can you handle unfair Rivals on Fiverr?
  16. How long will it take before Withdrawing money from Fiverr?
  17. What is the biggest mistake you can make on Fiverr?

Before we get started, I must share with you the basic information about Fiverr, Fiverr gig, Fiverr jobs, Fiverr tips and Fiverr platform. Then we can proceed to exactly how much money you can earn (up to $3–6k) every month on Fiverr and be a success story and benefactor to many around you.


Simply put, a website that advertises itself as the world’s largest marketplace for services is known as Fiverr. Fiverr website is a place where you advertise your services and find clients who will employ you. It commenced in 2010, as a small website that hosted only a few buyers and sellers. However, Fiverr grew in popularity within a short period of time and within the next 2 years, it hosted 1.3 million users. It is said to have grown over 600% in business within 3 years of starting up. Fiver is an online marketplace where both buyers and sellers converge to give and take services. It is a freelance marketplace where anybody can advertise, and anybody can avail of services. These can be small services or even microservices. Fiverr is better referred to as an online outsourcing portal that helps clients find potential employees and vice versa.

How to Register on Fiverr?

There are a few basic steps that you must follow to get started with Fiverr. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: The very first step is to register yourself on the website. For that, you should visit this page. You can also go to the Fiverr website by visiting Once you visit the Fiverr homepage, you will need to click on the “Join” button as displayed in the image below.

fiverr homepage

After clicking on the join button, another page will open to enable you to enter your email address. You can also register with your Gmail account, Facebook account, or even your Apple account. Then, click on “Continue” as shown below.

enter your email to join fiverr (or you can join with your google, apple or facebook account)

You can then choose a USERNAME for yourself. But remember that once chosen, you cannot change it. So, you should think it through. Once completed, you will get a link in your email that you have to click to activate the account.

Step 2: Next, you can secure your account by choosing a security question to help secure your account. Next, you should add your PayPal account details. You should link your PayPal account, as that is the easiest and safest place for you to get your money.

Step 3: Next, you can work on your profile. Remember to fill in all the required fields and give away honest information. You can manage your public profile and choose what you want your audience to see and whatnot. There, you will also have the option of picking the language. This language will help your customers communicate with you easily.

Step 4: The next step is for you to start creating your gigs. Gigs, stand for your sales pitch. It is what you will use to attract your customers. You can go to Selling>Create a Gig. There, you should first add a title to the gig in about 80 characters.

Then, select the category and sub-category that befits the gig. You must then select an image that suits the gig. Next, you can add the description of the gig. This is probably the most important part, as your clients will discover you based on your add-in. You will have a limit of 1200 characters. Next, you can add in the metadata that will make your gig search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. You can then add in any desired files and fill in all the other important fields. Remember to set a live portfolio as that will help showcase your work.

Step 5: The next step is to price your gig. You should choose a gig package that will help you choose both the price of the gig and the time that it will take to complete it. This is important, as your client should know when they would get their work.

Step 6: Once done, you can start working. But before that, you should spread the word about your Fiverr profile. You can paste the link on all your social media platforms to educate people about it. Remember that this is an important step, as people should know about your gigs. The more effort you put into the exposure of the gigs as well as other marketing efforts, the more likely people are to purchase it.

Step 7: Once your order is placed by a client, you should begin work on it. You should look at the time that they have given you and work accordingly. Once your work is done, you must deliver it. For that, go to your dashboard and find TO-DO. There, you should click on Deliver Now and have the work delivered.

Step 8: You can manage your sales. You can get to it through Selling > Managing Sales. The first option you will see there will be a priority option that refers to the work that has been cancelled or late orders. Next, you will see a new option that refers to the new orders that you have received. Active orders refer to the orders that you are currently working upon. Late orders refer to the ones that you had to submit 24 hours before and are still waiting for. Delivered refers to the orders that you have submitted to the buyer but have not been marked complete yet. “Completed stands for the orders that you have completed and submitted. Cancelled are for the orders that you cancelled.

Step 9: Once your work is delivered, the client will mark it as complete, and you will be paid for it. Once you are paid, you can withdraw the money after 14 days.

Step 10: Fiverr ‘faces’ is a new feature that you can exploit. It refers to an app that helps create a caricature of your face. This is an interesting feature and will help you create a caricature that you can use as your profile. You will be charged for it and the sum will depend on the delivery time that you choose for it. These form the different simple steps that you can follow to get started with your Fiverr account and start your business.

Can a sustainable business be built on Fiverr?

Fiverr allows you to post a maximum of 20 gigs, and successful sellers know how to take advantage of all of them. Some will make you a little bit of money, while others could make you a lot! The misunderstanding many beginners have is to expect to create a single gig that will produce a flood of traffic year after year, and that thinking will not get you very far. To be successful you must have many promotional hooks in the water at any given time. The reality is that if you only put up a couple of gigs on Fiverr and expect the traffic to beat a path to your door, you are going to come away sorely disappointed. As mentioned earlier, Fiverr is growing by leaps and bounds and its user base is currently in the millions. However, there is only so much room on the top page to be a featured seller. If you are not on that page, it is unlikely anyone will ever know you exist. This presents a problem; how will the buyers find you? The answer rests solely on the actions that you take to actively promote your gigs on your own.

What to do to start earning between $3k and 6k every month on Fiverr

They are practical ways to make a huge amount of dollars on Fiverr. Fiverr is a platform that encourages all types of skills and talents. So right from writing to editing to singing and designing, you can find the right job for yourself on Fiverr. There are some standard options to choose from like writing content, writing articles, creating jingles, logos, and so many others. You can choose from a diverse range of gigs to advertise and use each one to your advantage. Apart from the regular jobs, there can also be certain special requests that some customers might have, which they can use to request special services.

For success to be achieved, diligently employ your skills to do the following:

No 1: Logo Design

One of the simplest ways to make money on Fiverr is to apply a little artistic creativity. Not everybody is naturally artistic or has an eye for graphically pleasing layout, so this represents a tremendous opportunity for those of you who do. One of the most popular creative gigs in this niche is logo design. There is never a time when this service is not needed. A little creativity can make a big difference as shown in the Figure below.

There are always new companies, organizations or causes that need a visual representation and for just a few bucks invested in some quality software (or you may already have something), you could have a nonstop pool of clientele to draw from.

Guide on how to start: Grab a copy of one of the better graphic illustration software packages out there. You do not need to go with the latest and most expensive one either. Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with owning a software package that is a few versions older. If you are going to be serious about doing graphic work you cannot use the free-market software that came with your computer, it is simply not up to the task. Here are a few of the better packages that may be appropriate:

  • Corel design
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator

Build a mini-portfolio: Once you get your software installed, spend some time playing with it. One of the best uses of your practice time is creating a mini portfolio of your work to show your prospective clients. Buyers are unlikely to purchase from you unless they can see the type of work, you are capable of, so this is time well spent. Once you get a collection of 10 or so top-quality examples, post them on your sale page, write up a good description of what you are offering, and you are ready to roll.

Success Hint: Instead of merely offering the basic logo design why not offer:

  • business card layouts
  • letterhead layouts
  • large-format scalable vector graphics (these could be used for storefront applications), or you could consider offering two or three logo possibilities for the price of one. This technique has the capacity of setting you apart from the average seller.

 No. 2: Sell eBooks

eBooks are electronic books that people can download from the web and read. If you are good at a particular topic, then you can mention it and make it easier for your clients to find you. eBooks (see the image below) can vary in length and the topics can differ in terms of difficulty level. You can charge them accordingly.

Selling eBooks on Fiverr is a no brainer. If you have some existing books that are collecting dust in your back catalogue or hard drive, they could be finding new life on Fiverr as well. Again, listing costs you nothing so why not give it a try? Even if you are not an author you can still play the eBook game. Spend some time researching the public domain books and you will come up with hundreds, if not thousands of very marketable books that simply need to be reformatted and perhaps visually updated a bit.

 Guide on how to start: If you are an existing author then dig into your personal catalogue and pull out some gold. Get it up on Fiverr and that is all there is to it. If your book was a good seller before it is likely to find new life again on Fiverr. Public domain books are almost as easy. Anything published before 1923 is up for grabs – seriously. All you need to do is get a copy of whatever you think will appeal to the buying masses, get it into a word processor and format it for either PDF or DOC format, maybe add some pictures or put in some new content. Really, the choice is up to you. Once you get it done, write your sale description – put up a promo video and then – BOOM!

 How to make a difference: There are a plethora of ways to pull in buyers on Fiverr and set yourself apart. Always give more for the money than your competition does. In this instance why not give away three or four additional public domain books from the same topic with the purchase of the first one? Talk about value! Or perhaps embed your website domain within each book? That way your new reader may be inclined to visit your website or blog as well. You could even go further and point them towards a landing page that collects their email so that when you have new things to offer you have them on a mailing list pre-loaded and ready to go!

 No. 3: Video Testimony

Audio testimonies are hot sellers on Fiverr, but video testimonies are even hotter! Video testimonies are commonly used by information marketers and small companies looking to make a name for themselves or their latest product. Fiverr represents a massive bargain for this type of client (and there is no shortage of them) because they do not have to spend time searching out talent and setting up all the logistics of filming everything – that is your job. Take advantage of the set-up in the image below to make exploits.

Typically, video testimony sellers require their clients to provide them with a script of 30 seconds to a minute with a set number of words (and of course, they offer upsells with gig extras if the client wants more).

Tips on how to start: Depending upon the type of video you are offering; your investment can be cheap or quite expensive. A typical man on the street type video can be shot with an average camcorder (Do not use your cell phone. No matter how good you think it is, it may not be good enough!) At the very least you need a camcorder with a quality microphone (also, use a tripod to avoid shaky looking video). From there the sky is the limit. Of course, there is always something you can add that will make things better, but the challenge is knowing when enough is enough. No doubt about it, producing acceptable video is substantially more complex than audio. There are many things to be taken into consideration such as:

  • Lighting
  • Camera equipment
  • Background
  • Props
  • Set

and perhaps, quality audio still plays a part – you do not want to provide a video with terrible audio because your client will leave you bad feedback if his message cannot be understood or viewers must struggle to understand what is being said. It is recommended that you do a couple of demo clips for your gig to show your potential clients the kind of quality you will be providing. A couple of tips to look out for here are to make sure that you are well lit with no obvious shadows anywhere and that you can be heard clearly without any echoes or wind noise. In addition, speak clearly, look at the camera, and maintain a pleasant, enthusiastic disposition. This will go a long way towards endearing you to your potential clients.

How to make a big difference:

  • Offer longer videos than your competitors or more words in the script.
  • Offer special backgrounds.
  • Offer multiple videos for the same basic price (2 for 1 or even 3 for 1).
  • Offer special outfits (professional suit, casual, ethnic or sexy attire)

Please note: It is best to set ground rules with your buyers before getting started. If there is a limit to what you will do make sure that has been made clear to your buyer upfront. You would be surprised by some of the requests you will get if you do not.

 No. 4: Written Product Reviews

Certainly, everybody selling services on Fiver should have this gig as part of their repertoire because it is the easiest money, you will ever make on the Fiverr platform. There is absolutely no limit to the number of sales you can make with this gig, and everyone stands an equal chance to make exceptional money at this because there are always book authors and product sellers looking for reviews on their latest offerings in places such as, good reads, smash words and more. In addition to eBooks, there is also a strong market for reviews of physical products you can do as well.

Tips on how to start: Simply post a gig saying you will review any e-book that a seller submits to you. Writing gigs should be mastered to make money. As with all your sale description videos, be sure to include a friendly and engaging video featuring yourself describing what it is you are offering; what you will do, including a video in your sale description has been proven to be a big selling point for buyers because they want to know who they are dealing with.

Success tips: Want to know the secret to getting more sales? Offer more for the money- simple as that. When everybody else is selling 1 review for five dollars, you should be selling 2 or even 3 for the same price. Most review buyers are e-book authors with multiple titles and often they have a limited promotional budget to work with. So, an offer like this represents an outstanding value that is just too good to pass up! Have your buyers provide their own reviews – this serves a dual purpose and provides an advantage for you as a seller. Note the following:

  • The buyer is expected to provide exactly what they want in their review. It is hard to be upset with a review that you submit for yourself, right?
  • By asking the buyer to provide their own review you no longer must invest valuable time reading books and coming up with your own synopsis. It becomes nothing more than a cut-and-paste affair that takes a few minutes at best.

No. 5: Physical Product Reviews

Sellers of products at and many more areas count on building up a collection of positive reviews to prime the pump for future sales. You can help them out by offering your services as a physical product reviewer. The process of leaving a review on physical products is generally the same as with e-books however logistically it can be a little bit more complex. For example, Amazon allows buyers to leave two different classes of reviews, verified and unverified with unverified reviews carrying far less weight and depending upon how Amazon feels, it may not even show up on the sale page at all!

The general way to be a verified status is to make a purchase through Amazon which defeats the purpose of making a profit on Fiverr therefore it would seem an impossible task.

The loophole: Buyers who are keen on getting reviews for their products to have one option in this situation; give out gift certificates. If the buyer would like you to be a verified purchaser and leave a review for them, they can provide you with a gift certificate code which you can receive via email for an Amazon purchase. Once you redeem your code. Amazon will pack and ship your product to you, and you can leave your review with all the credibility bestowed upon a verified purchaser. Effectively you are getting paid five dollars for your review and in addition to that, you are getting tons of free stuff as well – not a bad position to be in, is it?!

Moreso Fiverr is one of the online jobs that are profitable.

How to start: Putting up a simple listing on Fiverr (Be sure to include video) and letting sellers know you will do verified product reviews for them will generally jumpstart things. You must be sure to let buyers know that they need to provide you with a gift code so that you can purchase as a verified buyer (no other way has as much impact) and that is basically all there is to it. You should know many buyers will need to be educated a little bit about the process so your description should explain very clearly the steps that are necessary for them to get their review done in the shortest period and make things go smoothly. You should also set your expected time to complete out 4 to 5 days to allow for shipping; so that you are not penalized by Fiverr for taking too long.

Making a difference: The key here is to write great reviews and make sure you offer higher value than any other reviewer in this category. Do not lose touch with your buyer because if they have one product it is likely they have many others which will lead to additional reviews and more free items pouring in regularly.

No. 6: Do Silly PR Stuff

Although there is a lot of professional business conducted each day on Fiverr there are also many sellers there that do not take things all that seriously. One such seller is bad behaviour for $5 he will dress up like a pirate complete with set design and all and deliver whatever message ye be like’n…. Odd? Sure. Popular? Absolutely! He is a top-rated seller and consistently featured on the lead page for his category. Fiverrs Fun & Bizarre category is where you are likely to find anything. The sky is the limit. This opens some promotional possibilities too (see an example below).

Smart sellers have learned to take their wacky antics and parlay them into big bucks as promotional stunts and buyers are responding in droves!

  • Got a great body? Dress up in a sexy bikini and deliver a message on cam or hold someone’s website address on a card.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, are you in godawful shape but have a great sense of humour about it? Refer to the above tip and do the same – it is not pretty but it sells… believe me, people will pay for it…the more over the top you are the better it does.
  • Offer prank videos – let your imagination go wild on this one (just keep it legal).
  • Voice impersonations. Can you do a great Sean Connery or Morgan Freeman? Turn that skill into cash by selling birthday wish recordings or answering machine messages.
  • Cartoon voices – Work on your best Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse impersonation and see what happens.
  • Drag out last year’s Halloween costume and see if you can find a way to use it in a gig offer.
  • Does your dog do stupid tricks on command? Make him earn his keep! Get him on cam and cash in on all those dog lovers on Fiverr with businesses to promote.
  • Go through your kid’s toy box and fish out those funny hand puppets you bought for them years ago and use them to make humorous messages or amusing company promos. Go crazy and add backdrops and even music! Your income in this segment is ONLY limited by your creativity and willingness to be a little silly for the sake of a darn good payday!

Guide on how to start: Keep it simple at first. Try a promotional listing with your own personal brand of wacky, weird, or strange mixed it. And see what kind of response you get. One of the great parts about Fiverr is that you can try your ideas out and have them live on the site in only minutes. Stick to these tips and you will come up with your own winners.

  • Humour sells so keep it light.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously. Have fun with what you are doing, and it will come across to the buyer.
  • Always ask yourself “Would my buyer want this associated with his/her product or service?”
  • Be original – Fiverr has enough pirate stuff, find your own thing…

How to make a big difference:

  • Offer multi scripts for one low price.
  • Give buyers a choice of colours, sets, or costumes.
  • Be open to custom work – your buyer may be the best source for your next great gig so do not be too quick to think you have covered all the bases.

No. 7: Monetize Your Hidden Talents

If outrageous behaviour is not your style you can still make incredible money on Fiverr using your own brand of personal talent. Can you sing or play an instrument? Perhaps you are good at magic, or you can beatbox better than anyone you know. Practically anything has the potential to become a top-earning gig if you apply the right blend of skill, promotion, and enthusiasm to it.

monetize your hidden talent on fiverr


Some of the top producing talent gigs are:

  • I will sing your song (provided by the buyer)
  • I will record an original piece of music
  • I will provide a collection of 25 original royalty-free songs for you to use anywhere.
  • I will translate your document from Spanish/ Italian/ French etc. to English or vice versa
  • I will add background music to your song · I will create your logo in dominos and knock them over.

How to start: Dig into your personal collection of hobbies and activities and see if anything you enjoy doing can be monetized as a product or service to others. Often just about anything can. It is simply a matter of framing the offer correctly and establishing a benefit to the buyer.

No. 8: Guest Blog

The failure rate for blogs is phenomenal and this is due to one thing above all else; It is difficult to run a blog 365 days of the year. Most beginning bloggers vastly underestimate the amount of time and the multitude of skills it takes to operate a truly world-class blog. The truth is; if you want to be successful with a blog it will likely take over your life and every moment of your free time will be invested in it. Especially if you try to do it on your own. Therefore, successful bloggers learn very early on to subcontract out a portion of the work. But it is not always as easy as deciding to give the work to someone else as you will soon see. When you think about it, five bucks is a small price to pay for a little outside help from time to time. However, it is not easy to find quality help to fill in when you are not at the helm though. You have no doubt read endless books and online articles telling you to just throw the work to a virtual assistant and then go sit on the beach while they do all the heavy lifting. Blog owners who buy into this line of garbage are in for a serious disappointment (some of you have already found this out the hard way). Find some blogs with a large subscriber base in an area you may be interested in or have knowledge of and write the owners. Ask them if they are open to paying for a little outside help. You can do it (see the image below to guide you on what may be required to get started). 

You might be able to strike a bargain and ease the owner’s workload at the same time.

 How to start: All you need is a word processing program. Microsoft Word is considered the industry standard however, if you cannot swing the cash it takes for Word you can pick up a program called it is free and totally up to the task. Once you get everything installed, you are in business. Take some time to search around Fiverr and see what other bloggers are offering. It has been revealed that most bloggers are working at a rate of 300 to 500 words for five dollars. It is recommended that you offer a higher basic word count – say 600 to 700 words at least until your feedback builds to a level where people begin to recognize you and the quality work you are putting out.

Making a difference: There is no substitute here for personal experience and the ability to string together words in a coherent fashion. Stick to what you know or what you can easily research, and you need to go no further. If you have a certain niche that you would like to concentrate on, then let it be known in your sale description. People will seek you out. There is plenty of work out there, all you need to do is let people know that you are available to do it and you will never – ever run out of work!

Apart from writing the content, you can also edit or proofread it. Editing refers to correcting any formatting mistakes in the book and proofreading calls for reading it to find any grammatical or spelling errors. If you are good at both, then you can offer both services. Some clients might ask you to add pictures to the content or provide a cover page etc. You can charge for all these services individually. Proofreading is quite popular on Fiverr, and you can charge from $5 onwards. If you have an English literature degree collecting mountains of dust or experience in copyediting, you will find a very welcome home on Fiverr because we need you! Most authors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and very few have literary or English degrees. Most authors have no problem getting their ideas down on paper, but they may have failed to use the proper punctuation or inadvertently created a run-on sentence or two. This is where your parent’s investment in your four-year college English lit degree may finally start to pay for itself.

How to get started: Simply post your gig and let people know that you will review their books or documents and check for grammatical and punctual mistakes. Look around Fiverr and see what the current crop of editors and readers are offering and see if you can one-up them by offering a faster or more in-depth service. This is another one of those gigs that can lead to a lot of repeat business so be sure to collect your clients’ names and emails and keep your name in front of them on a semi-annual basis so that they do not forget about you when their next job comes around.

No. 9: Critique Others

Sometimes people are just a little too close to their own projects and need an outside opinion. This is really one of those gigs that do not cost anything, and it is easy to do. Everybody has an opinion (oftentimes you will hear it even when you do not want to!) So why not get paid for it? There is a lot of different ways you can approach this gig but the most popular is website evaluation. People spend a lot of time and effort developing their site and it is important to know how the end-user will interact with it. Therefore, critiquing can be an asset to the web developer.

How to start: Post a gig saying you will evaluate your buyer’s website. Let them know in detail what you will be doing, for example here is how to approach this: first, evaluate the website in view and give the website owner your thoughts on its strong and weak points. Then, evaluate all the links to make sure that they are going where they need to, and let the website owner know if the site is loading correctly (You can find all kinds of free websites that give statistics on website performance). If you have some working knowledge of website search engine optimization (SEO), you may wish to take things a step further and offer helpful tips on how to optimize your client’s site for better performance as part of the deal (or an upsell).

No. 10: SEO

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is SEO and its usefulness. As you know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and is meant to help your gig turn up as the first result on a search engine. You need to make use of keywords that are most likely going to get typed in by your clients. The more the keyword matches, the higher your gig will be placed. You should also fill in the metadata and make use of appropriate headings that contain the important keywords. If you are not sure about any of it, you can ask an expert about it or take the help of an SEO expert to help you out. You can also lookup some of the things that others are doing and employ the same tricks. Funny enough, you can also find SEO experts directly on Fiverr itself!

 If you spend any amount of time doing business online at all eventually the subject of Google and search engines, in general, will come up. Google’s presence in modern-day business is so pervasive that it has spawned whole industry segments that are dedicated to figuring out how to interact with it. One of these industries is known as search engine optimization (SEO for short). In a nutshell, SEO is the practice of selecting keywords and optimizing the content of your website in such a way that is the user searching for said keyword will hopefully be able to locate you through being featured on the top page search results… confused? You should be! Businesses spend thousands of dollars each year trying to optimize their website for a whole host of keywords to gain top rankings within Google, Bing, and others.

It is a never-ending race to stay on top and few people understand how to do it properly. This presents yet again another gold mine of opportunity for those who are in the know. Suffice it to say if you understand how to optimize a website or how to properly promote it to the search engines you can make some great money (see what SEO entails in the image below). If you do not understand the deeper mechanics of search engine optimization you can still get in on the gold rush.

All you need is some proper software that will do the job for you like, (it is an android based program that works on your cell phone or tablet). With Blast-O-Matic all you need to do is enter your client’s website address and press go. It will then “blast” your client’s website out to as many as 15,000+ search engines all over the world and in turn, gain your client some much-needed backlinks that will aid in driving increases in traffic to his door.

How to get started: There are several different ways to approach SEO services namely:

  • you could write keyword-rich blog articles for insertion in your client’s site.
  • you could offer keyword density reports spelling out where they could improve the performance of their sites by outlining what words are working and which ones are not.
  • You could offer to use your large social media list to promote their site · or you could use software such as These are only for a few possible scenarios. SEO is a multimillion-dollar industry that is like a monster that just cannot be fed. There is always work to do and there are always new clients coming on board who are clueless and looking for help.

Success tips: Clients in this niche want to be made to feel like you are on their side and that you understand their needs. Many Fiverr sellers are only after the quick turn and burn and this is a huge mistake. These sellers fail to understand that SEO is a nonstop process. You cannot just do it once and be done. It is a continuous thing. By adopting the short-term strategy, they are leaving thousands of dollars a year on the table. If you can teach your clients that SEO must be a part of their yearly ongoing budget, not just a one-time expense, you will be setting yourself up forever with higher amounts of return work.

No. 11: Build A Website for Your Buyer

Not all that long ago most businesses may or may not have had a website. These days telling people you do not have a website would be like saying you have a business without a phone. You just do not do it! Even though we all understand that this is a fact these days, few of us still have the technical know-how to pull it off for ourselves. This is another situation where a little bit of knowledge can lead to an awful lot of financial gain. Most of us lead lives that are far too busy to sit down and learn a new skill such as website design, or at least that is what many people think to be true.

A few years ago, website design was a bit of a dark art but that was before WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to create quality looking websites even if you know very little about computers in general. In just a few days of playing around with the software can gain enough information to put together websites for other people (who will not take the time for themselves) and literally learn while you earn!

How to start: Create a couple of sample websites to display in your listings that will show the quality of your work and give your potential buyer something he visualizes before he makes a purchase. Be sure to offer lots of upsell options (gig extras) there are literally millions of things you can do here to wring out extra money. The key is to offer the initial service and a fantastic price and get your buyer in the door, after that then it is just a matter of determining your client’s budget and shaping your additional offers accordingly. Advanced tip: If you have the technical know-how invest the time to learn a new skill. You may wish to talk to a company such as and learn about their reseller packages. This could set you up as a one-stop-shop for all your client’s website needs.

Success tips: Success in this niche is all about offering options and packages that your clients find appealing at prices that are hard to pass up. There are so many people packed into this industry that everyone starts to look a little bit the same and there is not much uniqueness to be found amongst the group. Because you are dealing with an intangible product it is easy to give a little on price. All you really dealing with is a time-based commodity. So, figure out what kind of time you have for a project and price your work accordingly on all your basic offers and gig extras.

No. 12: Sell Premade sites

Another great tactic that works even better times is to set up reseller hosting with a company such as and sell off premade “turnkey” one- or two-page mini-sites… there are still LOTS of potential for upsells here too, so it does not just stop at five bucks!

How to get started:

  • set up a reseller account.
  • create a website with its own unique domain from within your master hosting account.
  • develop the site using WordPress. Make it generic so that pictures and text can easily be changed.
  • list your new site for sale on Fiverr for the basic price of $5 (you could make it include a year of free hosting as well which would be an outrageously good deal no matter how you look at it).
  • construct your gig extras to be had on bells and whistles such as social media plug-ins, photo galleries, or any other number of things that can be easily added to basic WordPress sites with just a few clicks.

 No. 13: Sell brandable reports

Owning a blog or website is time-intensive. Faced with a lack of time, it is not always easy for blog owners to come up with fresh content. Why not sell a collection of articles for buyers to use on their own websites or blogs? Some sellers prefer to sell packs of articles with their own website or blog listed on the bottom with the understanding that these articles can be freely distributed by anyone who has them, however, their website must not be removed from the article. Better to just sell the articles as nameless reports and let buyers put whoever’s name, they choose on them. If you capture the buyer’s email address. You will always have them in the sales funnel to sell them more later. Continuing with the brandable theme, why not create a brandable e-book, (Sometimes referred to as a private label), and allow other Fiverr users to sell it? You can build the subject matter around things you can link to your personal affiliates and reap the benefits of someone else’s distribution efforts. This can be a true win-win situation for both of you.

How to start: All you need for this one is word processing software and an opinion to write from. You can obtain a word processing package that is free of charge at

Success tips: Concentrate on one of the more popular niches such as:

  • diet
  • weight loss
  • exercise
  • making money
  • family budgets
  • investments
  • website development
  • search engine optimization
  • government or political issues
  • social causes. These are only a few of many constantly popular topics and never go out of vogue. Put together a collection of 20 to 25 articles of 500 to 600 words or so centred around any one of these topics and you will have enough to get started.

No. 14: Design eBooks Covers

Every successful book author understands one thing. No matter how good the content is, buyers will never get close enough to see it unless the cover grabs their attention first. recently reported that as many as 5000 new Kindle e-books are being posted every single day on their site. That represents an astounding number of potential clients, all in need of a cover that will attract new potential reader’s attention. With this kind of competition clearly average work just is not going to cut it. Look at the example below. It was created with specially designed software made specifically for creating e-book covers. At first glance, it looks like a real book. It is not. It is a photorealistic 3D rendering sitting on top of a real picture of a rope. If you are not looking at it very carefully you cannot really be sure that it does not exist in real life. Check out the image below. I trust you can do better!

It is this type of quality that sells your service to the client. It would be a mistake to believe you could compete using the free software that comes with your computer. If you want to make money designing e-book covers, you need to have the very best software available.

Success tips: Spend some time playing with the software. Create a huge portfolio for your buyers and post as many pictures as you can on Fiverr to show that and work you are capable of. The beauty of this software is how fast you can change angles & create all new perspectives. This makes it possible to offer two, three, four or more different angles or even backgrounds to your customer for little to no additional work at all for just $5!

No. 15: Compose

If you are the creative music type, you can put your skills together to compose quick 30-second jingles. These are not so common on Internet sites, but they are quite popular in applications such as radio and TV commercials. Writing advertising jingles is a bit of a dying art so there is not much competition for it, but the demand is still strong. Composing jingles does not take an awful lot of skill and often you do not even have to set anything to music.

If you compose your gig right, you can simply sell just the lyrics and save yourself an awful lot of work.…and then possibly offer the music to go with your new lyrics as a gig extra.

How to get started: Just posted gig on Fiverr like this: “I will create lyrics for your product or services advertising jingle” or something to that effect once you made a sale then conduct a small interview with your buyer to find out:

  • what his product or service is.
  • the top three or so highlights your buyer considers most important (you will need these for lyric ideas).
  • determine where your buyer’s price fits in the pricing spectrum is a high-end or the best bargain on the market? That might be a key to the direction your lyrics take.

If you want to make quick work out of this part of the job, simply ask your buyer this; “tell me about your product” – your buyer will instantly give you his opinion on what the most important aspects of his product are! Simply using his or her own words for direction is the best way you can go because basically, you are just laying out their thoughts in musical form. Psychologists will tell you there is nothing more pleasing to the human mind than the sound of one’s own words!

Success tips: This gig is all about service. To make your buyer happy, you need to be fast, friendly and display a good amount of talent as well as professionalism in delivery. If you want to put the best professional spin on things, why not provide the lyrics on letterhead via PDF – with something such as (your company name) Professional Music services on top? This will brand you as a professional in the eyes of your buyer. And if you do things right, you will be smart enough to include an email on your letterhead as well, so that you can be contacted directly next time your buyer has a job to do.

No. 16: Create Cartoons

This is a wide-open segment, and it can be approached in several different ways – all of them are hugely profitable. Here are the top 3 recommendations:

  • Draw Client Caricatures – Have your client email you a copy of himself and apply your special style to it.
  • Illustrate a Concept.
  • Sell Cartoon Packs. An artist will draw a caricature in 10 or so “poses” and sell them as a set. This is a brilliant idea because from a buyer’s standpoint the product becomes infinitely more usable. It also assures return business should they ever need additional poses or modified artwork.

How to get started: Bust out your favourite illustration program and get to scribbling. Sketch out a portfolio of your own and include at least 10 to 12 examples of your work in your listing. What if you cannot draw a straight line to save your life? That is still no excuse to overlook this profitable segment. There are a plethora of sites around the web dedicated to serving your creative needs. Go to different sites such as, or any of the other thousands of subcontractor sites to be found around the web and commission a “package” of unique drawings to be done exclusively for you. Once your artist submits the final product to you, repackage them and post them up on Fiverr. How do you see the caricature below? You can do that!

caricature cartoon

The beauty of this system is you only must do the work once and then you can sell these designs repeatedly – possibly even for years! The key to making this work is to be sure they are as generic yet appealing as possible so they can be used in many different applications – by many different buyers. How to set yourself apart from other sellers: Variety-as they say, “is the spice of life”, it is also how you make more money on Fiverr! You need to fill your listings with a wide array of diverse ideas.

Do not limit your opportunities here by sticking to just one segment or topic. Spend a little time finding out what sells. There simply is no replacement for good research. Presentation is also important in the final products too. And above all else make sure that you write a quality description being sure to cover any questions your buyer may have. Demonstrate how flexible your designs are by showing your designs in use and giving your buyers a few additional use ideas to jumpstart their imagination. “Most times buyers don’t even know they need your product until you teach them!” Think about this next time you are laying out a sale description or writing a bit of ad copy.

No. 17: Video Blog Review

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. It is also one heck of a lot easier to get noticed on than its big brother, google! Smart advertisers know that they need to have their products on YouTube but not all of them have the time to orchestrate the entire process. That is where you come in! There are so many good ideas you could incorporate YouTube into that all of them put together could make a book unto themselves! Here is the top producing YouTube related gig that successful Fiverrs have undertaken: Review based video blogging is hot. And by the way, it is not just exclusively limited to YouTube either. Most people do not even realize that you can embed videos in your Amazon reviews as well. So, sell your services as a video reviewer. If you already have a large YouTube following, you can monetize it in all-new ways with this method. Even if you do not have a following, smart buyers will still find value in your services because the more voices speaking positively about the product that is out there, the better they will be perceived by the public.

How to start: If you do not already have a YouTube account (known in their lingo as a channel) take a few minutes and get one set up. There is no cost to do so, and it only takes about 15 minutes. The good news is there is no need to go all “Hollywood” to pull this off. Just keep your equipment setup simple and let your personality shine through and you will do just fine. In fact, being a little “raw” and upstaged may have its advantages when it comes to credibility. You do not need anything more than an adequately lit environment and a desktop PC came with a decent mic so people can understand what you are saying. From there, just let it rip!

Success tips: The old two-for-one or even three for one offer is a great way to provide exceptional value and jumpstart a stampede of buyers. Once you have built up a reputation as a quality reviewer and gained some decent feedback scores, you can trim things back to one video review per five-dollar sale if you so choose. One more idea… and it is a GOOD ONE: There is no need to give away the whole farm for five dollars. You could use this idea as a premium gig extra as well. For example: Sell a basic product or eBook review for $5 as you normally would and then offer a video bonus upgrade for $20-$25 more! What the heck are you waiting for?

No. 18: Make a physical product

Did you know Fiverr has a category for physical products? Yep, it is true! Granted margins are tight when your net profit is only slightly over $4 in most cases. However, if you can create something physical that still leaves money on the table then you will find yourself amongst a very select group of Fiverr sellers (and surrounded by very little competition).

How to get started: Do a few samples of your work, take pictures of its relevance and write a detailed description of what your buyers can expect to receive (and when). If possible, why not include a video of you making your product as you describe it? I guarantee buyers will respond and will likely be fascinated to see a demonstration of your skill in action.

Success tip: This is an easy one. The key here is to just do your own thing. This is a category on Fiverr where it truly pays to be unique. Think about it this way; you are asking a buyer to purchase a product that they will have to wait for, so it better be special, and it most certainly had better be worth the wait!

No. 19: Beta Test

In house product testing is big business, Car companies do it, food companies do it and the software industry are certainly no stranger to it either. However, within the last decade or so there has been a shift in the way many companies “shake out the junk” in their new releases, one of the top ways they do this is through Beta testing. Beta testing can be accomplished in a few different ways. Gaming software companies hand out limited free copies of new releases to key reviewers who in turn trade their opinions for cash or inside bargains. Car companies do not even go that far these days as they simply release the final product up front. If nobody dies (or an acceptable number do) the product is deemed “good enough”. Beta testing (although seemingly free) still comes at a huge cost to companies of all sizes due to product development and initial sampling costs. With, many smaller time companies have resorted to micro job sites such as Fiverr to lower their testing expenses.

Finding your niche in the Beta testing industry

Beta testing basically falls into two major categories: hardware and software. While it may be conceivable to find a few hardware manufacturers on Fiverr that are looking for testers it is not likely that you will find a constant supply of them. Software on the other hand is a whole different deal. Within the software side of things, you also have additional sub-segments as well such as apps, websites, and of course, externally provided software itself. There is really no need to limit yourself to any one subset.

Tips on how to start: Post a gig on Fiverr letting buyers know that you will test and evaluate their product, app, website, or software. For the basic $5 fee Always make it clear upfront that if there is any cost involved in securing a copy of what they want to be evaluated that it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide the funds to make the purchase. By the way, you may be contacted by people selling physical products on Amazon. In most cases, though all that is called for here is a little bit of your time to play with whatever is provided to you from your buyer and your opinion of the experience you had with it. Once you have made your evaluation, knock down three or 400 words and send it off to your buyer and that is pretty much all there is to it.

Success tips: Building your status up to become a top-level reviewer involves being available to everyone, in every way to review everything. Do not turn a job down – ever. 9 times out of 10 buyers looking to have a product reviewed will likely have additional products waiting in the wings. So, every one job you accomplish could conceivably open the door to many hidden opportunities and turn into some potentially consistent direct work.

No. 20: Debug

The next logical progression after beta testing is of course fixing any problems that have been discovered. If you have software development skills then putting yourself out there as a beta tester is a great marketing move for you to make because it can open the doors to further higher-paying work, such as fixing the problem! Software developers, especially in foreign countries are a notoriously flaky bunch. Prices change, personal problems arise, excuses come in just about every form you can imagine and eventually, at some point, communication inevitably breaks down. The result is a very dissatisfied and disillusioned group of people looking for someone to bail them out of their misery. Applying your coding skills here (along with some understanding and tender mercy) can net you some huge returns. Could you just realise what a great job you can achieve in a jiffy …

debug on fiverr

How to get started: $5 is not enough of a wage to take on any type of software related problem, so you must approach this gig with a little creativity. Post a sale on Fiverr letting buyers know that you will evaluate their unfinished, app, website or software and deliver a “plan of action”. This serves three purposes:

  • it does not continue getting in over your head without seeing everything the work entails.
  • It makes you five bucks just for having a look “under the hood” and giving your opinion.
  • And set you up for a much bigger payday when the real work begins Once your buyer makes a purchase then have them send you a copy of the software or website in question and any relevant passcodes you will need.

Once you have gotten done tinkering with it to see if anything can be done, write up a quick PDF proposal along with a quote for an hourly or set price and be sure that you remember to include your direct email and maybe even your phone number on the top of the quote. This will allow your buyer to contact you directly to work with you one-on-one. How to set yourself apart from other sellers: Never take on a job unless you are sure you do the work. And above all else remember: Your buyer has already been burned once; you must absolutely make him feel like that will not happen again! When you make a promise – be sure to deliver on it.

No. 21: Be an Authority

People will pay for your advice. You could offer advice or critiques on all kinds of things from website designs, business plans or even relationship advice. You would be surprised how open people are to the opinions of a stranger. The key to adding value to your opinions is to establish yourself as an authority figure. The fastest way to have people recognise your ingenuity is to just start talking and blogging. Join several forums within your niche and promote your site via your signature line as you participate in related discussions. It is sort of a self-fulfilling thing. A word of warning here: be careful to always read and understand your forums rules concerning self-promotion. Some take a dim view of blatant self-promotion while others could care less. Be sure you understand what is permitted and what is not so that you do not annoy the forum moderators and end up getting banned. It is a good idea to lurk around for a little while and see how other users are posting and how other site members react to each other before trying anything on your own. Slow and steady wins the race. Build your reputation as an authority by posting sincere, helpful, and useful comments. Do not be in a hurry to plaster the entire Internet with backlinks to your gigs either. The links will come on their own. All you need to do is come up with useful and relevant answers to the issues being addressed within the forum. If other members find value in what you have to say, they will automatically give you the credit you deserve and respond by wanting to know more about you and your gigs links or website without being asked to do so.

How to start: If you have not already done so start a website or join both sites are free and will allow you a great platform to begin broadcasting your own unique point of view to the world (the first step in establishing yourself as an authority figure). Be sure to set a schedule for regular posts and stick to it. Establishing yourself as the next takes time. The best way to approach this is to map out 20 or 30 topics to write on and pick one each day or week and knock out a quick 500 to 600 words. Before you know it shall have a body of work you can refer others to that will easily establish you as somebody who has something important to say. The next step is to parlay your new authority status into a Fiverr income. While Fiverr does not approve of links to the outside world you can still accomplish this by giving a quick link to your blog in your about me section.

Is this gig for you? When it comes to establishing credibility with the public there are no easy shortcuts. Learn Fiverr tips and understand that there is clearly work that needs to be done to lay the groundwork before you can reap the benefits – and it takes time. If you are looking for a fast buck on Fiverr this is probably not the gig for you. If you are already actively running a blog this can be a nice way to additionally monetize all the hard work that you have put in so far. It is also a way to pick up some new subscribers!

No. 22: Be A Geek

When people do not have answers, they are willing to pay for them. You can set yourself up for a nonstop supply of sales if you can be the one to provide the right answers.

Serve as computer I.T. support.

IT support is a great gig because many small companies cannot afford to keep somebody on staff and sometimes all they want is one or two questions unanswered, it is not worth having someone on the payroll when you do not need them all the time. You can fill that role for them by offering your services.

Answer questions: The same thing applies here as it does above. Posting a simple gig saying “I will answer your IT-related question” will see you hit with a wide variety of questions from confused buyers who just need a little guidance. It’s easy money if you know what you are doing and can supply a friendly helping hand to the confused buyers.

How to get started: Think about what speciality skills you possess (it does not even have to be computer-related) and do not fool yourself into believing that everybody should already know what you know because as you just learned, that is simply not the case! Maybe you would like to add to your knowledge base or become an expert on something. That is easier than you think. Famed marketing guru Dan Kennedy is famous for saying that to be an expert on any subject all you really need to do is read the top three books on that subject and then you will know more than 95% of the public. That is brilliant advice, and you should consider it when offering your skills as an “expert” on any subject.

Success tip: Do not try to be all things to all people with this gig. Stick to the core subject(s) that are within your wheelhouse. This development is necessary because when you offer advice on things, you are enthusiastic about you will put more passion and care into delivering a service to your buyer and it will show in the final product.

No. 23: Retouch Photos

If you are skilled in Photoshop or other similar photo manipulation software, you can make some great money on Fiverr. However, very few people possess the skills to use Photoshop software to its fullest potential but if you are one of them you can cash in big time. Because of Photoshop’s versatility, there are so many possibilities. Here are the things that work best in photoshopping:

  • photo morphing – this is basically a technique where you take one picture, and blend it with another stretch or distort it into something completely different.
  • photo collages – the biggest use of this technique is in headers blogs, websites, YouTube channels and Facebook pages.
  • Knocking out backgrounds – customers provide their favourite choice of picture and the artist/seller will remove the background, replacing it with one that is pure white or see-through.
  • Retouching – standard stuff. Things like removing red eyes blotches and blemishes.
  • custom 15-minute work – this is a rising trend and one that is designed to catch jobs that perhaps may have been missed. Limiting the work to 15 minutes allows sellers to upsell additional time through gig extras (thereby scoring larger pay-outs in the process!)

How to start: All you really need to do is post 10 or so examples of the best work on your sale page along with a few suggestions of the type of work you are capable of, and the buyers will find you all on their own. This gig is about pure skill. If you are good, you are going to stand out – and cash in!

No. 24: Set Up Facebook Company or Fan Pages

Not everyone can (or wants to) spend valuable time setting up a Facebook page. Many would prefer to have someone else do it for them… if the price is right. Businesses are constantly under advisement to join the “Facebook revolution”. With everything else there is a need to run a business in the modern age, adding the time it takes to go through the Facebook learning curve just does not make sense for most folks, so naturally hiring someone to do the dirty work just makes good financial sense. Especially when the price starts at only five bucks!

How to start: If you are already versed in Facebook then you are already ahead of the learning curve compared to most people. Why not put up a simple gig offering to create a Facebook fan page or start an account and install pictures? It may seem ridiculously easy to you but for many other people, it is like mastering advanced calculus! Knowledge is indeed power! Once you get your basic listing up you can offer gig extras such as ongoing account maintenance (which in actual practice does not really amount to all that much but many people believe it does) or you could offer graphics services or multi-account setups for small businesses.

Success tips: Create a few dummy accounts and really trick them out with high-end graphics and all the bells and whistles you can throw at them. These will serve as your portfolio examples for prospective buyers. The key here is to tout your accessibility and flexibility. Buyers want to believe that you are there to help them so make that crystal-clear. You are solving a problem for your buyer and acting as an authority figure so every move you make should reflect that.

No. 25: Develop Resumes

This is an easy one… there is never a shortage of folks who need to update their resume and frankly, there are few things on this earth less exciting to spend your time doing. That puts you in a great spot to …. Here is a tip: Go get one of the freely available resume creators on the web and plug your client’s info into it and “bam!” just like that – you are done. (The beauty of this gig is that few people bother to go looking for a program that will take the drudgery out of the process – so a little knowledge and effort can make you some serious money!).

No. 26: Sell Memberships

Do you have a website or subscription-based website or circulation? Why not sell memberships to it right on Fiverr? Besides the monetary gain, it is kind of a cheeky way to draw free publicity for your product as well. Depending upon what you are selling membership to your site or circulation at $5 may not cover it all. To overcome this, you could approach this perceived limitation in several different ways:

  • Try selling a one day, one week or one-month “trial” – to get your subscribers for them the door.
  • Use it as a loss leader and then upsell additional products once you have drawn them in.
  • Sell just a basic package and then tie in your gig extras as upsells for premium membership upgrades or content.
  • Reframe your $5 sale as a “coupon” redeemable towards a larger total sale price.

How to start: Let us assume you have a membership website. You could post a gig like this “I will give you an UNLIMITED access pass to my exclusive site for 7 days” You would go on to explain what the normal price of membership entails to establish what kind of value you are offering as well as the features and benefits that can be found inside. If you structured this correctly you would be making mention of the site within the sale page itself. Curious onlookers may feel compelled to go to the site and check it out before committing any kind of money (even if it is only $5). Long before you post anything on Fiverr you should be prepared to harvest every one of your site’s visitors in the form of an on-site email collection offer – say perhaps a free eBook or additional information to be sent upon entering your email? Using this technique is one of the best free ways to drive traffic to your blog or website even if you never make a direct sale from it, who cares?! By posting a gig you have created free advertising directly to 20,000,000 + Fiverr users. Wouldn’t you just love to have even 1% of that hitting your website?

No. 27: Provide Professional Services

If done correctly, this gig can be an amazing way to expand your clientele. If you are a professional or accredited expert, you could offer your services or advice via Fiverr (some professions are restricted over state lines by regulations. So, use your common sense and check your local laws):

  • bookkeeping
  • accounting
  • legal
  • medical
  • astrology
  • dieting advice
  • relationship advice
  • career advice
  • life coach

Can you keep your word? If you are going to put yourself out there as a professional and you must look at the part as well as act the part. If you are offering medical advice, then you should be shooting a video preferably in a medical environment (say for example a doctor’s office with medical charts in the background). If you are offering legal advice, it would make sense to shoot your description video in front of a large wall of legal books – the kind that is typically found in any law office library. You should be dressed in professional attire and sitting up straight to project an air of authority. The same can be said of all the professions listed above as well as any others you may come up with on your own. Do not send your buyer’s mixed messages by saying one thing and looking like another.

Success tips: You can set yourself apart from every other seller by using one word in your sale descriptions “HELP” so often sellers choose the wrong words and forget that people are coming to them for help – not to be sold to or have some peddle their latest wares. When you are selling professional services remembering this can take you a long, long way. Therefore, when you are constructing a gig listing you should always be sure to feature this word to frame yourself as a compassionate seller who is there to make the buyer’s life less burdensome. For example: “For $5 I would LOVE to help you fix your bookwork” – Have you ever seen a listing like that on Fiverr! Quite a bit different than the average way of putting the hard sell on the buyer, isn’t it? Highlighting the word love and coupling it with the word help frames you as somebody who is not just another fast-buck artist. So be sure to follow up with a great sale description and a killer video to drive your sale home.

No. 28: Broadcast to Your Social Network

Sites like Facebook and Twitter dominate much of today’s marketing discussions. For sellers with large followings on these sites, it can represent a potential goldmine. If you have ever taken even the slightest stab at using social media to promote your website or blog and experienced little if anything to show for your efforts, then deep down in your heart you already know social media is not an easy thing to master. For most busy people spending hour after hour building followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook is a HUGE misuse of time. Far better to pay the five bucks to someone else who already has a following and be done with it… than someone should be you!

How to get started: There are several programs, both free and paid they can highly automate the process of social media submission. Here is a few of the best:

  • TweetDeck – This program is 100% free. It used to incorporate many more features than it currently does however it still serves a purpose, and you cannot beat the price.
  • HootSuite – This one is considered the Cadillac of the bunch, so naturally you must pay for it, and it does not come cheap. If all you want to do is promote your Fiverr gigs this is probably not the software for you because it is just far too expensive. It is recommended you start with a free version of Bufferapp or TweetDeck and feeling your way through the social media jungle first, before getting too crazy with any kind of subscription-based program. Once you begin to do better – then pull the trigger and go big time.

No. 29: Clone your gigs

Think about this for a second and you will see the wisdom in it, especially when you are initially struggling to come up with 20 “completely original” gig ideas. Every Fiverr seller can tell you that there are one or two gigs in their offerings that vastly outperform all the others. Why not copy your most successful gig and create a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th listing? True, you will have to spin them a bit to avoid relisting a straight-up copy, but as of this writing Fiverr seems to have no problem with this practice!

Cloning your gigs for a bigger market share. Herein lies “the secret advantage”: Let us assume you have a gig posted offering to design business cards. You post it and then begin burning brain cells looking for other ties in topics (or totally different ones) to add in for your remaining 19 listings. There is a better way to rack up listings and corner the market on business card exposure all at once… Rather than move on to another segment altogether, simply tweak your listing just a bit and relist it over and over– like this.

  • I will design you a killer business card for $5.
  • I will create a one-of-a-kind business card for $5.
  • I will deliver a professional quality business card design for $5 Same basic service, but totally different listing! By applying this little-known technique, you have radically upped your odds of being discovered when a buyer goes looking for someone to design a business card (or whatever your niche maybe).

As time goes on you will be able to watch your traffic stats and see which listing is getting the lion’s share of attention. Meanwhile, you could be researching other gigs to try out and perhaps delete your bottom 15 business card gigs and try a new gig posted in 15 different ways. Using this process is a terrific way to build up a powerful catalogue of gigs. Sure, it will take a little time, but your efforts will be paid back immensely!

No. 30: Freelance/Content Writing

Freelance writing is quite popular on Fiverr. Article writing refers to writing 100 to 500 worded articles for your client. They will give you the topic and might also give you a few keywords that you should incorporate into the article. You can mention the topics that you are good at so that the client will find it easy to hire you. Most of these services are charged between $5 and $10.

Content writing is the next option that you can choose. Content writing is slightly different from article writing and you will have to have diverse knowledge on a specific subject. That will help you fill in content and write informative stuff. These are generally commissioned by people trying to fill their websites. You can mention your topic of expertise. Content writing is priced according to the quality of the service and based on the turnover time. Depending on the time that you take to complete orders, you can take up as many of these projects as possible.

No. 31: Voice Overs

If you were lucky enough to be born with the right “pipes” why not put them to good use? There are so many opportunities for voiceovers on fiver it just boggles the mind. Here are a few of the top sellers:

  • Product voiceovers · Pre-recorded phone messages.
  • Message while on hold recordings (for corporate use).
  • Impersonations – If you are good at impersonating a pop culture icon or well-known celeb you can make a killing at this one. How to get started: You do not need much cash outlay for this one.

The only real requirement is a quality microphone. My personal favourite is the Zoom microphone – it truly creates professional-quality audio in just about every environment. The best part about it is you do not have to be chained to a computer to use it. Once you get your recording done you can upload it to your computer and process it as needed.

The big takeaway here is that with a little effort and determination you CAN get the job done. Big budgets do not always solve every problem. Put together your own low buck studio and go out there and claim your share of the huge number of clients on Fiverr looking for voice talent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fiverr

1. Who can use Fiverr?

Yes! With a membership pool this deep (and getting deeper every day) that represents a gold mine of unlimited opportunity just waiting to be harvested. It should be noted however as well that there are two major differences between a successful Fiverr seller and one who fails:

  • The successful seller has learned how to identify a “winning” buyer group with a recurring user base.
  • The successful seller also has a streamlined system (based on templates) to get his work done in the fastest, most efficient way, often in only a few minutes.

2. How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr works straightforwardly. Two options are available with one being for the customers and the other one being for the clients. Each service on Fiverr is known as a gig. The customers have the chance to showcase their skills and advertise their gigs and the clients can view these and employ them. Once the client contacts the service provider and the work is discussed, the latter gets a time limit within which they should prepare and submit the work. Once the work is submitted and marked as completed, they are paid their due.

3. Who can register with Fiverr?

Fiverr is a vast marketplace and encourages all types of people to use it. You can access it from any part of the world and have any sort of skill set to start with it. Right from students to working professionals, and housewives, just about anyone can get started with Fiverr and provide their services to a sea of clients. It is quite easy to register and get started with Fiverr so anyone can get started with it right away. Similarly, clients looking for a diverse range of work can get started with Fiverr. There is no restriction on who can and cannot start with Fiverr. We will look at this aspect in detail in a while.

4. How much can I make from Fiverr?

Earning money from Fiverr is quite easy and how much you earn will depend on your work. There is no standard earning limit and you can earn as high as $5000 a month. But for that, you will have to pick a lucrative gig and have an impressive profile to find regular clients. There are many success stories out there and you can have one of your own depending on the skillset that you own. You need not advertise just a single gig and can have as many as you like.

5. What duration does it take to complete a gig on Fiverr?

Generally, people try to finish a gig as soon as possible so that they can move to the next one. Some people take as little as 1 day, and for some, it might take them more than 2 days to complete a gig. The client will have the chance to pick an option within which the work should be submitted. The standard option on the site includes 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, amongst others. The job profile will have a big say in the time that it will take for a person to complete a job. Sometimes, the client will affix the time frame for the job within which the service provider has to submit the work. For this, they will choose between the 1- 30 days option and pick the number of days that they think is best for the job.

6. Does competition exist on Fiverr?

It is impossible for an online marketplace to not have any competition. Many people will advertise their gigs on the platform, and you will have to face stiff competition. But given how much work needs to get done, you might not have to stand in line for your work to be reviewed and employed. You might have to work a little hard at the very beginning to make your mark but will get progressively easier for you to hit it off on Fiverr.

7. Should I quit my day job for it?

That decision is up to you to make. Some people take up Fiverr gigs as their day job and quit their previous jobs for it. If you think your Fiverr gigs have picked up traction and you can earn a substantial amount from it then you can take it up full time.

8. What DO you need most to be successful on Fiverr?

Volume! Success with Fiverr is a numbers game. The more you put yourself out there, the closer you come to greater and greater success as a seller. It takes an investment of your time and effort upfront to get things moving. Just picture yourself sitting on a tropical beach while the rest of the world deposits automatic money into your account from sales you made online. People do a lot more difficult things all over this Earth every day for the sake of a “job”.

 9. Where can I Advertise and Find Customers to Promote Fiverr Gigs?

Promotion of any kind is not rocket science. You are simply finding relevant groups of interested people and letting them know where to find you (or maybe just making your first introduction. You do not need a sparkling personality or outstanding speaking skills. All you need to do is a little one-time work to develop a well laid out, organized presentation and know how to deliver it most effectively. It is important to advertise yourself and get word of your gig out there. There are success stories of people earning $5000 and above in a single month and that is only possible if you spread the word of your gigs out there and notify people about your work. Here are a few things that you can do to guarantee a large audience.

 Advertising via Blog

Having a blog always helps with promoting your online presence. For this, you should start a blog and write on interesting topics about the kind of work you enjoy and your passions. You can start a free blog on blogger and start writing. If you already have a blog, then you can mention your Fiverr gig and divert your audience. If you do not have a big enough audience, then you can look and connect with popular bloggers and get them to write for you or be a guest blogger for you. That way, you will have the chance to get all his or her fans to check out your Fiverr gig and at least half of them might consider you.

Advertising through Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site and has billions of users. You can promote your Fiverr gig on Facebook and inform all your friends about it. You also have the option of creating a separate and dedicated page for your gig. You can create a Facebook Page where you can write everything about your gig, the services you offer and share appropriate links. You can send an invite to all your friends to like it and ask them to share it with others. That way, you can obtain a lot of likes for your gig and build a large audience.

 Advertising via Twitter

Twitter is the next best social networking site that you can pick to advertise your gigs. As you know, Twitter has millions of users and a worldwide reach. You can create a separate Twitter page for your company and share links to your gigs. As you know, you can tweet about it and get others to retweet. But do not limit it to just writing about your gig. You must give people a reason to visit your page and writing about trending topics is sure to help you.

 Advertising via Google+

Google+ is now gaining popularity following its ease of use and the sharing options that it provides. It is as simple as clicking on the icon that appears on the left-hand side of Gmail and people will be redirected to your Google+ page. They can then check it out and go to your Fiverr page. Remember to have an impressive landing page that will raise people’s curiosity. You should share other interesting links as well as which is sure to make your users stay on the page.

Advertising via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another place where you can promote your gigs. LinkedIn is a site for professionals. You too can create a professional page for your company and add links to your gigs. You must connect with other professionals and other companies. Do not wait for them to look for you. You must connect and send them connections by yourself. You can also try the professional set-up option where you will have to pay a little fee, but your gig will reach all the right places.

Advertising via YouTube

It is an absolute must for you to have your own YouTube channel if you wish to advertise your business efficiently. You can add videos of your gigs that provide information about it, and describe its aspects. You can also add links to your gigs in the description so that people can visit your page. You must also actively participate in the comments section and answer questions. And do not forget the call-to-action message that you have to provide at the end of every video. People should be reminded to check out the link that you add at the bottom.

Advertising via Instagram

Instagram is where you can share pictures with the world. You can take quality pictures of the work that you provide and share the pictures on it. You can then share the links to these pictures on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is great to get some of your clients to help as well and ask them to take pictures of the work that you provided to them.

Advertising via Forums

It is important to participate in forum discussions. There are many forums where you can share links to your gigs. You can answer any questions that are getting asked on these forums and then add in a link to your gig. You should try and incorporate the gig in your answer so that the message is delivered subtly. You should try and visit as many forums as possible and not think of any of them as not being worthy. You never know where you might get your next client or group of clients.

Advertising via Press releases!

Press releases refer to releasing information about your gigs in the press. This is possible if you know anybody who works at the press and will help you out. You must create an interesting headline and then mention the details of your gig. You can then have it printed or published. This is sure to get you noticed by a lot of people. You can also share the link to the release on all your social media sites. All these social media outlets mentioned can increase the exposure of your gigs and can all be outsourced by finding social media marketers directly on Fiverr!

10. How can pricing, schemes and customer reviews be achieved on Fiverr?

You need to choose the right price for the services that you render. You can choose either $5 or more for your services. The $5 tag is for all those services that are quite easy to perform and might take less than an hour to finish. Say for example writing 200 words for someone. But if you provide time-consuming services such as creating instructional videos, then you must charge accordingly.

Generally, the best way to decide on the price is by looking at what others are charging. You can assess whether you are over or underpricing for your services. As you know, you can choose from the different packages that are provided on the site. You must slowly increase your rates depending on the reviews and the work quality that you provide. Special offers You should indulge in some lucrative strategies to get more and more customers to buy from you. It should be noted that everybody loves discounts and freebies. You too should make use of these schemes to attract your clients and keep them happy. Some of these schemes include giving away a special discount like 10% off if the client orders your service in bulk. You can also give away free service if they cross a certain limit like 15 or 20. Another good idea is to give away some personalized merchandise as a gift for being a regular customer. You can also tie up with another Fiverr and come up with buying my service and get a discount on their type of schemes. You can be as creative as you like with your special offers and attract a diverse group of clients.

11. Why do ratings/ reviews matter on Fiverr?

When it comes to the ratings and reviews, you must try and have as many good customers as possible. Your future clients will take these reviews and ratings very seriously and choose you only if they think you are worth their money. You cannot expect to always come across great clients that will leave behind great reviews. It is tough to have a consistent winning streak and you should be ready for a few bad clients/ reviews as well. A good seller will know what to expect well in advance and can continue work accordingly. When another client is looking for you, your ratings and reviews will show up as the first thing under your picture. So, it is important to make a good impression and if not first, then at least remain in the top 5 results.

12. Can the review be changed once completed?

It is not possible for you to always get good reviews all the time. You will also get some bad reviews that can bring down your worth. This can be a bad thing and might crush your confidence. So, it is important to try and eliminate a bad review. One way of doing it is by speaking with the client and asking him or her to edit the review. Sometimes, speaking with them and telling them how it will impact your business might make them change their mind. You can send them a message about the review and ask them to change the review or rating for you. But remember to get it done as soon as possible as you might not have too much time to get it removed or changed. You will see the option on your orders page at the very bottom.

Reviews are a very important thing not only on Fiverr but any kind of website that offers services. They are a good indication of what to expect when ordering these services and it greatly benefits the consumers. However, the service providers like yourself can greatly benefit from the reviews as well. These reviews will accurately tell you what is working and what is not working. Take the time to read the negative reviews and review the quality of work you are providing. Was the review accurate? Did you do something wrong? Take the input and learn from it. Many of the top gigs on Fiverr offer top-notch customer service and will correct their work until the customer is completely satisfied. Add value to the customers, and you will be rewarded and will be on your way to getting a top-rated seller badge!

13. Can you cancel an order on Fiverr?

Many times, you and a buyer might hit it off well and everything might go according to plan. However, a problem might arise later, and you might want to discontinue the project. In such a case, you and your buyer can opt for a mutual cancellation. That way, you will not have to cancel the order yourself. However, if your client is being difficult and not agreeing to mutually cancel then you have the option to cancel it yourself. This is a unique feature of Fiverr where the seller is given the option to cancel and is better known as force cancelling. This will, however, impact your rating but you can successfully stop the client from giving you a bad review. After all, you must do everything in your power to keep your account as clean as possible and away from negative reviews. Sometimes it is worth cancelling the order as opposed to having an extremely negative review displayed for your gig.

 14. Are there Rivals on Fiverr?

There are many cases of rivals trying to ruin your game. There might be some people who will claim to be clients but will be your rivals. They might purchase your service and give you a bad rating on purpose. In fact, they might not take the submission at all and leave behind a bad rating. You need to find out if that really is the case. You must look at the client’s profile and see what he or she is up to. If you find out that they provide the same service as you, then you should tread with caution.

15. How can you handle unfair Rivals?

The best way to bring unfair rivals to justice is by telling customer support about it. You should show them the review and rating that the rival has left behind. You should also tell them that the person is purposely trying to sabotage you. They will investigate the matter and help resolve it. It might take a week or so, but it will be well worth the effort.

16. How long will it take before Withdrawing money from Fiverr?

Some platforms do not have a flexible money withdrawing policy. They expect you to reach a certain amount before the money can be withdrawn. But at Fiverr, there is no such rule. You will be able to withdraw the money within 14 days after the task is marked completed and for top-rated sellers, the time is 7 days. These form the different advantages of working with Fiverr but are not limited to just these. Once you start using Fiverr, you will get acquainted with the other benefits.

17. what is the biggest mistake you can make on Fiverr?

The truth is not every gig on Fiverr is worth it. No matter how amazing you may believe your offer is, or how snazzy the promotional video or associated photos look or even how slick your pitch is. Fiverr buyers vote with their wallets. If you are not making sales the problem is something you are doing is not resonating with buyers and if you fail to address this fact you will never hit the big time. Often Fiverr sellers with no formal promotional skills jump headlong into ideas that they think the public would be interested in, never doing even the least little bit of research to find out if there even is a market. It is recommended that you proceed slowly. Test things out with a few promotions (you have nothing to lose – it is always free to post your gigs) and see what kind of traffic comes of it before getting crazy and going all out. The greatest system of the 21st century. The internet has truly revolutionized the way business can be done – but if you learn the rules first, no doubt developing informational products and services and then marketing them through the various sales channels such as websites, blogs, YouTube videos and yes, even Fiverr. Sure, there was a learning curve with all of it, there always is. But once the threshold is crossed into knowledge and proficiency, you will be able to enjoy a lifestyle that few will ever be able to experience. If you desire a life filled with more free time, the ability to apply your creativity in myriads of ways and a potentially far better rate of pay than you are currently earning, remember the words of Winston Churchill; “Never give up! Never give up! Never, ever give up!”

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